The word warrior radiates dynamism, action and risk. A warrior is someone on a mission he or she is willing to die for. In everyday life apart from war, most warriors are not expecting to or wanting to die in achieving their mission. They are often men and women in business who are engaged in a continual battle with competition and all the other obstacles hindering their attainment of what they have determined is important. Other warriors are battling what they consider as injustices. In some countries they become involved in real life or death struggles and bear arms to enforce their demands. In most countries they are using legal and peaceful means to achieve just ends.

In the following excerpt from Evansing we find an example of what it means to be and think like a warrior:

“Edwin chose to ride up front with the chief scouts to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. A half mile or so down the road Edwin noticed an unusual sight. Crows were sitting in the trees about a hundred yards on either side of where their entourage was going, but none appeared to be sitting in the area directly ahead near the road. He mentioned this to the chief scout who dismissed it as being the way it was sometimes. To him no possibility existed of there being a serious threat along this path. Edwin, however, had the advantage of not being lulled by the familiar. He knew for crows to do that must mean something or someone waited ahead. His experience as a hunter as well as a warrior had sharpened his senses to the unnatural. He mentioned his concerns again to the chief scout and said he felt it important to stop the procession and check out what lay ahead. The chief scout, sensing the urgency and also considering the respect Edwin held as a warrior, decided he would do as advised. He and Edwin and the other scouts rode back to the party some seventy-five yards behind them and advised the King they had some concerns.  They felt they should be investigated before continuing further. The King rather impatient to get going was tempted to dismiss it as being too cautious. However, he had high regard for Edwin’s judgment so he agreed to stop the journey and have fifty or so troops go on and check it out.”

We see how Edwin’s experience as a warrior and as a hunter heightened his ability to notice the unusual. This ability saved lives and probably saved the life of King Erith. Without him the whole Evansing mission to unite Ireland into one kingdom would have come to a halt.

Some men see themselves as noble warriors in a battle to protect and support women and children. Others see themselves as warriors when playing sports or when engaging the world of business. A warrior perspective stimulates a battling heart-set which energizes a person to another level of determination of achievement and success.

Visualizing the outcome you want to create can help to create that warrior determination and confidence.