Endorsements on “Unlimited – Anything is Possible”
"Unlimited - Anything is Possible" Book Cover "Unlimited - Anything is Possible"
Glen E. Klassen

Author, Glen E. Klassen is releasing his second book, “Unlimited – Anything is Possible.” Below are some initial endorsements.

“Unlimited – Anything is Possible” is a new book by Glen Klassen which brings an even greater depth of understanding to his first wonderful book, “Evansing”.  Written in a friendly, flowing and easy to understand narrative, the book draws on the experiences in a story about love, learning, and growing up to illustrate the more profound lessons about purpose, passion, wisdom, gratitude and hope. You will find yourself effortlessly gaining an understanding of how to find your passion and move forward in your own life. Guaranteed, you will feel that you are “Unlimited” and that “Anything is Possible”!

Cecilia Grinham, CFO and Business Development Manager, Entrepreneur, Coach and Facilitator


I recommend wholeheartedly, this book-“Unlimited – Anything is Possible.” Glen Klassen is able to inter weave each quality of having a successful life in sensitive, engaging, thought provoking ways that make sense & inspire me to become someone greater than I am today. Glen combines values, quotes & Evansing illustrations in a seamless flowing narrative. The theme of empowerment intersects with: awareness; courage; mentorship; doing the hard things; purpose; passion; removing obstacles; wisdom; gratitude & hope making Glen’s book is: rich with insight; interactive with my heart, mind & emotions & a great read.

Arnie Chamberlain, Chaplain, Carewest


I found Glen’s new book, “Unlimited – Anything is Possible” inspiring and really having me want to be a better person…. better at what we do and who we are to both ourselves and others. It presents life lessons through very thought provoking situations without being cliché. I was impressed and truly moved to take a real look at myself in the mirror and want to be better.

Greg Travnicek, Marketing and Web Development Expert


In his second and latest book “Unlimited – Anything is Possible”, author Glen Klassen builds on his novel “Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom” in a clever and creative manner. Combining his personal coaching background and interest in proactively managing change, he uses the main character “Edwin” as an example to portray and define the key principles of taking charge of our lives. “Unlimited – Anything is Possible” is an interesting and inspiring statement on reaching your potential and will make you want to read “Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom!”

Brian Lukyn, Author of “The Un-Retirement GuideTM : A Complete Life Wellness PlanTM for  50+ Boomers Needing to Succeed!”


To order “Unlimited – Anything is Possible” email glen@gleneklassen.com.